This work does not propose a new discourse on the letters of the Creation; it shows them in a complete work. As a pilgrim in search of meaning, I have oriented their decryption towards a transformation and a progressive renewal, embracing telluric and cosmic strengths. This pictorial pilgrimage in the Hebrew alphabet reunites the Past, the Present, and the Future. Each letter (2m x 2m and 2m x 3m) constitutes its own space. Its duration is related to that which precedes it and opens the ways for that which follows it, surpassing by far what I could perceive in advance at the meeting of my own methods.
            The approach compares to the phenomenological research of Husserl and Merleau-Ponty. The work, a polysemic straight through paradox, assumes all hybrid forms and inscribes itself in a living “materiology” as a bearer of symbols. This “materiology” does not exclude the presence of the body which is diffused within a painting, in a spiritualized and fusional connection with nature, between amazement and terror.
            The deciphering reveals, creates the dazzling reality, and precedes interpretation and the gaze, confronting the analytical vision typical to Man.

                                                                             Mark Lopez Bernal